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Tried the RL-7 that everyone who loads the 45-70 seemed to think was THE powder, but had mediocre results with that, too. The AA2015BR gave best results, with the VVN133 and 135 right behind it. Chrony'd the loads over both my Pact PC2 and Ohler 35P machines. Both gave the same general readings, +- 20 fps.

It is a pretty slow powder for the .45-70, its pretty close to IMR 4064 or 4895 in burning rate. I have some and I plan on trying it for the .45-70, although I bought it for .30 caliber loading. I have heard it is an accurate powder in the .45-70. One nice thing about the Varget and similar powders in the 45-70, you get 100% load density ...Approximately 1 teaspoon of onion powder is equivalent to 1/3 of an onion. So 3 teaspoons of onion powder would be necessary to substitute for an entire onion. Onion powder is made...

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Have a .45-70 revolver with a 10 inch barrel. After firing factory loads I can literally tap unburned powder out of the empty cases. Anyone have a good accurate fast powder load for the 405 grain semi-jacketed flat point? Want to get factory velocities in a faster powder (so it all burns) that I can also use in my Henry .45-70 lever action.May 2007. Posts. 5,311. Those of slight frame or tender years might enjoy plinking with the .45-70 by using 9 grains of Unique and a .457 round ball pushed into the mouth of the cartridge. Care should be taken as to not touching the primer when pushing the RB in over a load of powder. Rather quiet and almost no recoil.Swiss Black Powder. Swiss Black Powder, from The Aubonne Black Powder Mill, founded in 1853, has long been considered to be The Best in black powder due to a long tradition of quality in components and workmanship. ... Excellent for cannons, mortars, shotguns, 45-70 & larger Black Powder Cartridge Rifle's (BPCR) 1.5Fg: 035"-.054" Great for a ...

5 Mar 2011 ... Reloading .45-70 cartridges with black powder. Part 3 covers loading powder and seating bullets to make a finished cartridge.The .45-70 also features a straight-walled design..30-06. In spite of being inferior to the .45-70 in almost all aspects, the 30-06 surprisingly packs a much heavier punch than the .45-70 in terms of SAAMI spec maximum pressure. The shorter and narrower rounds literally dwarf the .45-70 with more than twice the pressure.Technical Information. Caliber: 45-70 Government. Bullet Weight: 405 Grains. Bullet Style: Lead Flat Nose. Case Type: Brass. Ballistics Information: Muzzle Velocity: 1210 fps. WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.2049 posts · Joined 2005. #3 · Feb 13, 2009. Well, here is the "deal" with the OAL. Hornady states that the OAL should be 2.590. However, they also state that the brass should be trimmed to a length of 2.040. Well, the SAMI spec calls for the 45-70 brass to be 2.105. That puts the Hornady brass at .065 (sixty five thousands) shorter than the ...

CHARGE TABLE FOR 45/70GOVERNMENT. (.457/.458 dia. bullet) USE LARGE RIFLE PRIMERS. POWDER MEASURING TECHNIQUE - Push the measure through the powder only once, then give the measure a slight shake sideways to level it off. Do not shake it down or add more than is recommended. USE ONLY IN.614 posts · Joined 2005. #5 · May 11, 2006. With IMR 4350 in the 45-70 you could virtually fill the case to the base of the seated bullet and barely bust 28,000 PSI. Far better powder choices as demonstrated by the dearth of 45-70 load data with IMR 4350. We learn something new everyday whether we want to or not.One .45-70 load approximates the performance of the original .45-70 Govt black powder loading of a 405 grain bullet (.307 BC) at 1350 feet per second while the other is a 325gr Hornady LEVERevolution factory load (.230 BC). The .30-06 Springfield load is a 150 grain Nosler Partition (.387 BC) at 3,000 feet per second. ….

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My favorite load for the 45-70 is 25 grains 2400, oke-wonder wad on top of powder, Lee 405 gr fn, slight taper crimp. 1.5 in groups at 100 yards. I use 40 grains of IMR3031 with an Ohaus 45-405-F in my 1895 Marlin. This is not a full load but has significant recoil. 5 rounds is enough at 1 sitting.Centaur 1. Take a look at the Hodgdon powder burn rate chart and you'll see that H335 falls right in the middle of the range of suggested powders for the 45-70. It's burn rate is very close to IMR3031 and Benchmark and it's no where as slow as H4895, IMR4064 or Varget and there is plenty of data for those three.

The 45-70 is a black powder case whose total capacity was filled with black powder by necessity to avoid detonation with black powder from an air space. Smokeless powders are generally more able to handle extra air space but more filling powder charges tend to be more uniform in firing.2400 is working for me. I just shot 50 rounds of low-med powered 45-70 loads composed of 30.0 gr of 2400 and a 300 grain "fire lapping" jacketed bullet, and no kabooms here. No signs of high pressure, either. I always heard that it was the slower powders that were dangerous to underload, and 2400 is not a slow powder in the 45-70 world.

fylm syks aamryka 10817 posts · Joined 2003. #2 · Jun 27, 2005. I think Lil Gun is too fast of a burning powder for the 45-70. It is a high pressure powder. If you load it to little you cause a high pressure problem, if you load it to much you cause a high pressure problem. Hodgdon does not even list a load with it. Personally I would not use Lil-gun in my 45-70.Just an FYI ---Just tried Hodgdon's mid-range load for 45-70 with 405g bullet in original Springfield trapdoor. MV was 1020 (average of 5 shots) compared to 1370 from Pinnacle loads, and bench-rest groupings at 100 yards were modest (15"-18" and to the right) compared to results from Pinnacle (8"-10" groupings and pretty much dead on). … papa bucksparky five nights at freddy The 45-70 Government cartridge was introduced all the way back in 1873 for military use. The designation literally meant a 45 caliber bullet and 70 grains of black powder. cast of capitol one christmas ad film 4. 45-70 loads with Titegroup Powder. I have be working up loads in my 45-70 (marlin1895) with Titegroup. Right now I have loaded and shot a 350 gr. cast bullet with 12.5 gr. of Titegroup. Oregon Trail has some loading data for Titegroup in leverguns. I am pleased with the results.The following is the process that I have found to be an effective approach to reloading 45-70 "Black Powder" shells. First let me reiterate that I enjoy the nostalgia of shooting a rifle that is well over a century old. It is kind of like being able to go shooting with my grandfather. I also enjoy the sound, smoke, muzzle blast and recoil ... fylm hay swprtokheim pump partssks pakstany I found this information in the Hodgdon manual for Benchmark and the 45-70 (they list a Benchmark load for a 350 grain Hornady JRN bullet 56.0 - 60.0C, for a 405 grain Speer JFP bullet they list 55.0 - 58.5C). I really like the idea of a compressed load for this cartridge. With Varget, I get a mildly compressed load at 58.0 grains.Reloader 7 in the .45-70 is a GREAT powder to use. I use it, loading for both the Marlin 1895G and 1895CB. With a 405 grain Cast Performance LWNGC boolit, the RL-7 yields very good velocity and FANTASTIC accuracy out of my rifles, with lower pressures than say, IMR-3031 and/or H-4895. I'm using 40.0 grains of RL-7. turk liseli sevisme I have heard it is an accurate powder in the .45-70. One nice thing about the Varget and similar powders in the 45-70, you get 100% load density without high pressures. I have only used IMR 3031 and 2400 (mild loads) in the .45-70, but plan on doing more reloading and shooting with the caliber this summer. Andy sks mrahqat rwsyatfylm synmaybws sks The old .45-70 "prison-guard" load with round ball was 40 grains of FFFg black powder, a felt wad and three (!) .457 round balls. If you vary the charge a little bit, the top ball is in perfect position to crimp, slightly more than half way into the case.